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    NPM comments, suggestions, thoughts


      Some thoughts on node management through NPM web console.  I'm wondering if anyone else has come across these same issues and if they have any workarounds.


      1.  In the node management screen, if you enter a search, so you can see a subset of nodes, if you edit the properties of one of those nodes, after clicking submit, you are returned to the node management page to whatever "group by" was previously selected.  I would much rather be returned to my search results page.


      2.  Batch edit properties:  When you select multiple nodes and select "edit properties", it would be really nice to be able to append to the node name.  We have lots of nodes, that are imported via discovery.  A lot of times, we end up with just the server name for the node name, instead of the fqdn.  As it stands now, I have to manually edit each node and add a domain name.  If you have more than a few nodes, this is cumberson and time consuming.  I would like to have the option through batch edit to append the domain name to the existing node name.  This is especially evident when adding HP iLO's.


      Anyone have any workaround suggestions until maybe Solarwinds incorporates these suggestions into the product?