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    Why am I getting multiple mails for an alert?


      I'm new to Solarwinds and trying to set up advanced alerts. I am alerting on application status using an application template I've just set up. It monitors 2 services.


      Here's the trigger conditions for my alert:


      Trigger Alert when all of the following apply

           Application Status is not equal to Up

           Application Name is equal to New Application Template


      My only trigger action is to send an email. The content of the email is this:


      One or more services on ${NodeName} are stopped. Check this immediately.


      Application: ${ApplicationName}

      Component: ${ComponentName}

      Process: ${ProcessName}

      Status: ${ComponentStatus}


      When the alert is triggered, I get two emails, one for each service. I'm guessing this is because I have 2 services in my Application Template. Do I have to have just 1 service monitored per template, or is there a better way to have the application - with all it's services - represented by a single template while still generating one mail per alert?