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    Upcoming Customer Portal Update

    Matthew Crawford

      There are more updates coming out for the customer portal to make it easier to use and a more effective center for information relevant to our users.

      Next week, when you login to the customer portal, you will notice some significant changes to the look and feel of the logged in home page. The same information that you are used to seeing will be there, but it will look very different.


      Here is a sneak peak of the differences, and a heads up on why this change is being made.


      OLD PAGE:


      cp logged in home page old.png

      NEW PAGE:


      cp logged in home page new - blurred product.png



      Everything is presented on a single page, rather than a long page and multiple additional tabs that have to be clicked through to find what you are looking for.

      Relevant information is more readily available in this new view such as Maintenance Expiration Information, our new customer focused downloads area, Support Case information, New licenses, Service Packs and Hot Fixes, and more.

      We are working hard to give you the information that you need in a quick, condensed format that does not take up too much of your time.


      New Maintenance Box:

      In this maintenance box, you will see information related to the licenses you own that are nearing expiration or are already expired. If you tick one or both of the boxes shown, and click Renew Maintenance or Budget Calculator, the selected licenses will be added to the Renew Maintenance page or to the Budget Calculator.

      This is in an effort to make it simpler for you to take action on all of your licenses that are expired or expiring soon, reducing the effort on your part to seek out these specific licenses.


      You can also click View all license & maintenance information to be taken to the license management page to review all of your licenses.


      Bonus Downloads and Product Enhancements Section:

      new maintenance area customer portal logged in.png

      This is a new section that was added to the customer portal recently and is now displayed more prominently on the home page. We are working hard to offer customers exclusive downloads and products that will add value to them. We currently offer a Customer focused evaluation of VNQM in the customer portal. This evaluation is unique, because throughout your 30-day evaluation period, you will receive limited communications pertaining to this eval only, and absolutely no outbound calls from SW sales.


      cp logged in bonus downloads.png

      We plan to continue to focus on offering value-added customer downloads within the portal, so check this box often.


      WHAT'S NEXT?

      There are a lot of additional tasks that we are currently working on for the customer portal to continue to improve the experience for our customers. Soon, the license management page will be getting a full refresh of it's look and feel to help you better manage your licenses and find the information you need quickly and easily. More on that in the coming weeks!


      That's not nearly all we have planned, and as we get closer to the release of additional new features, there will continue to be posts in Thwack explaining the new features and the differences from the old portal experience.