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    Bundle packages


      If I have two packages is it possible to bundle them together and deploy them in a certain order?   If so how?



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          Lawrence Garvin

          There are two ways you can approach this 'bundled' scenario.


          The first is using a built-in capability of the Microsoft Software Deployment Package (SDP) package definition called "Bundled Packages". This functionality is described in the WSUS SDK at Relationships Among Updates. However, a 'bug' in previous editions of Patch Manager impacted the ability to use that functionality. The bug has been fixed in the new release, v1.85, so you'll need to upgrade to use "Bundled Packages".


          The second, and much more conventional -- just define the pre-requisite product as a Requirement for Applicability for the secondary package.


          For example, as I think we may be discussing here, when considering a package that requires the Visual C++ Runtimes... you could simply require the Visual C++ runtime to be already installed before the package is applicable, and define the Visual C++ Runtime package as a separate package that is also approved for the same systems.


          The third is by executing the pre-requisite package using PackageBoot as a pre-installation program, or by executing the follow-on package as a post-installation program. I believe you are currently experimenting with this scenario, and we're discussing this in another thread where I just posted a reply.