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    What we are working on post IPAM 3.1


      It's been a while when we released IPAM 3.1. For those who are interested in, this is the content we are currently working on:

      • Support for BIND DNS management and monitoring
        • create, edit, delete DNS zones and DNS records for BIND v 8.x and 9.x
        • define BIND DNS zone transfers
        • monitor BIND DNS service availability
        • monitor BIND DNS zones status
      • IP Address conflict detection in both static and DHCP environments.
      • Integration of IPAM with our UDT product via subviews. ("Phase 1" integration with UDT - columns on "Manage subnets & IP Addresses" is something you may see in IPAM 3.1.1 service release)
      • Working on adding more DHCP options (6, 15, 42 82, 66, 67)
      • bug fixes and other smaller improvements



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