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    Create container using Orion SDK in C# - .Net



      I try to create a container with C# code like above code. I am using Orion SDK and .Net Framework. Is there anyway to do create container like that code?


                      string uri = swis.Create("Orion.Nodes", new PropertyBag


                                                                {"EntityType", "Orion.Nodes"},

                                                                {"IPAddress", ""},

                                                                {"Caption", "SWIS-Test-2"},

                                                                {"DynamicIP", false},

                                                                {"EngineID", 1},

                                                                {"Status", 1},

                                                                {"Allow64BitCounters", true},

                                                                {"ObjectSubType", "SNMP"},

                                                                {"SysObjectID", ""},

                                                                {"MachineType", ""},

                                                                {"VendorIcon", ""},

                                                                {"Community", "public"},

                                                                {"SNMPVersion", 2}

                                                                ,{"Test", "CustomPropTest"}