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    Windows updates caused reboot,  NPM/Orion now having several issues


      So during an outage window I ran some windows updates on my VM which runs all of my solarwinds products which caused a reboot.  Ever since the system came back up I have been running into problem after problem with my solarwinds products.  It should be noted that I ran out of space on C:\ during or immediately following the updates.  After clearing up the space and trying to log into Orion web console I was confronted with a redirect loop error.  I went into my services menu and started 6 or 7 solarwinds services which were not running, I also had to open a config file and change a "true" to "false" -> load the website to a different error -> change value back to "true" and load the Orion web console again.  Finally I can get into the Orion web console but now everything is running incredibly slow and it gives me random errors when trying to load node details, it also cannot list any resources of any nodes it just sits there looking for resources indefinitely.   I tried opening Orion service manager and doing a "shutdown everything" but the "Solarwinds Job Engine V2"  has been in "stopping" status for an hour now with no signs of it actually stopping.  Of course when I hit "start everything" all the other services start fine but that job engine is still "stopping".


      Please help me get my solarwinds products and Orion web console all working again and tell me what steps I need to take next time I reboot this VM so that Orion doesn't get all screwed up next time.



      ps - I've also noticed that NPM is not polling properly.  I have several nodes which it thinks are down due to 100% packet loss but I can ping them all day from the cmd prompt on the VM which runs NPM.  In fact if I look at the node details it says the "next poll" is scheduled for yesterday a few minutes after I ran the windows updates, so my NPM is not polling anything right now..........



      The only information I can find on your website regarding patching a server or rebooting a server is all assuming you have a failover engine which I do not have, I'm finding it pretty frustrating to find any helpful technical information on your products due to the way you have your own search engine results included in any google search results.  A search engine within a search engine is not a good solution.