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    Comparing Current Date - Why am I trapped in Custom SQL alerts?


      I've been playing with the design idea of using custom fields to track when a node goes into a maintenance window so that I can suppress alerts while still gathering data on the node/interface/volume that is being maintained.  I have been using the method by adatole as the basis for my design changes.  (I've posted there a few times so you can read along in the discussion)


      The problem I've run into is that while we have figured out how to check to see if the maintenance window is currently in place for a node in a report:


      GETDATE() BETWEEN Nodes.N_Maint_Start And Nodes.N_Maint_End


      when you create a custom SQL query for an alert you are forever locked in custom SQL mode for that alert.  That means that if you want to change the alert then you have to switch back "normal" mode (especially if you are a SQL beginner like me) to modify the report (which wipes out the custom SQL query above) and then re-insert the query when you are done making the changes.


      This is particularly challenging when you are trying to create to an alert template for node, interface and volume alerts.


      Does anyone have any ideas for getting around this for our template alerts?  I'd really like to avoid the manual insertion of custom SQL statements every time I want to make a small change to an alert.


      PS:  First person to suggest that I just **** it up and learn SQL gets a gold star