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    Scope Management


      I'm looking at a few downstream servers and it's asking to assign them to management groups. I thought I did that but now it's asking for scope configuration. Can someone give me an explanation as to how this works?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Adding additional Patch Manager servers is a two step process.


          When adding an additional Application or Automation Role Server, you must:

          1. Install the server and register it with the Primary Application Server. This is all done from the console of the server being installed.

          2. After the server is registered, it must be assigned to an existing Management Group. This can be done from the server being installed, because a remote console connection to the PAS is established during registration; or it can be done from the PAS at a later time.)


          When adding an additional Management Role Server, the installer will prompt you for the name of the new Management Group that will be hosted by the Management Server. You can pre-create this Management Group at the PAS prior to server installation, or if the Management Group does not yet exist, the installation of the Management Role server will create the Management Group and should assign the Management Server to that Management Group.


          Every Patch Manager server hosts an Automation Role instance. The Management Group owns the Automation Role instance on every Patch Manager server assigned to that Management Group, and the AutoServer provides services to the members of that Management Group exclusively.