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    V-Manager license issues



      My apologies if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find any posts that addressed this specifically.


      We have two Vsphere5 clusters, and are licensed for 50 servers in V-mgr. I was advised by Solarwinds that the only way to "filter out" servers (if we are discovering via Vcenters) is to assign "no access" permission to the account being used in the credentials for discovery.


      I have done this, and indeed if I connect to my Vcenter using these credentials in the vsphere client, I only see 21 VMs.


      However, in V-mgr, it shows me all 42 servers (up or down) hosted on this Vcenter, and to confuse things further, says I am using 29 of my 50 licenses!


      I can't find any way to prune and rediscover, or anything like that.


      Has anyone else had this issue and figured out how to resolve?


      Thanks in advance

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          If you change credentials (or remove  full and add the limited creds) then all the Hosts / VMs would be visible in VMAN (via Search module) next two days. They got stale & decomissioned before they are totally removed from database.


          Did you try to recalculate license (Setup - Advanced Setup - System Maintenance -> Recalc License)?


          If you still see all Hosts and VMs even after two days then please contact support.