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    Synchronization does not understand time zone difference


      When I ask it to synchronize, it says that it has, but if I ask it again, it seems to send all the same files again. I'm in the US Central time zone ( 6) and the files display a 6 hour difference after synchronization. I tried changing the browser profile setting for the site to  0, then to Serve U, but the 6-hour time difference continues to show. I didn't methodically exit Voyager, re-synch each time, so maybe I just need to have faith and try more completely. Can anyone tell me what to do?


      This wasn't a problem the last time (months ago with a different version of FTP Voyager) that I synchronized (on a different computer, so maybe there's a setting that changed?) Also, I'm uploading to a Network Soutions shared linex server if that matters.