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    Internet Traffic Billing




      Is there a third party application that is use for billing clients base on their Internet usage?

      Possibly using NPM historic internet utilization (total bytes transferred graph) or NTA reporting? I notice that when generating a report (Total Bytes Transferred by Interface - Last Month) it doesn't look right (see attached screenshot).

      We are more after an application that can pickup real Internet traffic and disregard traffic internally (between VLANs).


      We 2 physical interface on our Cisco 3800, WAN and LAN. Clients (different businesses) are separated using dot1q on the LAN creating sub-interfaces (screenshot)




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          cem a.

          In the report, first column shows receive+transmit total traffic, second and third colums show the receive and transmit rates separately. You may want to check why the transmit rates on some interfaces are zero but report looks correct.

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            you can use NETFLOW and SNMP to do that.


            I think SNMP  because its  lightweight compare to Netflow.

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              Hi There,

              Depending on how far back you want to keep records for NTA may be an option for you. Just export flow records from your Cisco 3800 and create custom reports based on subnets or sub interfaces. NTA will also report on things like what TCP\UDP ports (80, 443, etc..) is consuming the bandwidth.


              We also have a product called the LANGuardian which may be of interest here as it integrates with Orion. I was on site with a customer earlier and they use it for exactly the same reason as you describe. LANGuardian uses a SPAN port rather than flow records. You can then create custom reports based on subnets to see what bandwidth is been consumed by your customers. You can see some of our data been displayed on this Orion view




              As SPAN ports give you packet data you can also do DPI and alert if applications like Bittorrent is detected which can consume lots of bandwidth



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                  Thank you all for the replies.

                  Im more after a billing solution that can detect source (LAN) and destination (WAN) traffic and how much bandwidth was consume. Troubleshooting wise, we have NTA for that already. LANGuardian just adds an extra application on top of NPM and NTA (identical solution).


                  Right now, we use SNMP combine with "ip accounting output-packets" on each sub-interface that we need to bill for. Anyone know something similar to this? You are correct, both NTA and SNMP is the best solution for this but I need an application that can extract this info into a report format.

                  Yes SNMP would be ideal but I would need more info on what application to use.