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    Custom Views reset after 1.85 Update


      I just updated to 1.85 and found all my custom views were reset!  This really sucks as i had put in a significant amount of time customizing those views.  Including following the recent article Three Must-Have Patch Manager Custom Update Views which now have to be redone!  Please bump this feature request!


      Please vote to fix this!



      Thanks!  -mark

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          Lawrence Garvin

          I'm checking with QA on this behavior.

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            Most updates of Patch Manager required me to reset the saved view layout after the update. Usually it only takes me a couple of hours to change all the saved view layouts that I had. I just thought it was part of managing the Patch Manager server.

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                Lawrence Garvin

                Turns out this is a 'bug' that was introduced inadvertently in v1.8 as a result of our rebranding from "EminentWare" to "SolarWinds".


                We’ve reproduced the bug during the upgrade 1.73 to 1.85. It was introduced during the re-branding and it occurs in following upgrade scenarios:

                1. 1.7x -> 1.85
                2. 1.7x -> 1.80 -> 1.85


                Here is a workaround to fix the issue (the views ARE still there.. just in the wrong file now):

                1.       Close Patch manager MMC console

                2.       Go to the folder based on your OS:

                • WinXP/Win2003 -- C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Microsoft\MMC\
                • WinVista/2008 and newer: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MMC\

                3.       Create a backup of the files

                4.       Remove file “SolarWinds” if present.

                5.       Rename file “EminentWare” to “SolarWinds” (this will recover your originally created views under v1.7x)

                Mark: Can you clarify -- did you upgrade from v1.7x to v1.85, or from v1.80 to v1.85?

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                    My upgrade was 1.7x -> 1.80 -> 1.85. 


                    The work around did not work for me.  I found both files.  Noticed my EminentWare file was 60KB whereas that SolarWinds file was 57KB.  I renamed SolarWinds to SolarWinds.backup, and renamed EminentWare to Solarwinds.  When I fired up the console nothing changed, all my views were still the default.  I noticed after I closed the console the newly renamed SolarWinds file had changed from 60KB to 57KB.  Unfortunately I spaced 'Step 3' and didn't backup my original EminentWare file like I should have.  Bummer.


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