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    Netflow service shutting down


      NPM 10.4.1, NTA 3.10.0  All hot fixes applied


      Error logged reads as:

      "Unhandled exception: Data is Null.  This method or property cannot be called on Null values."


      followed by a long .NET Runtime error...


      Any insights on what would be causing this and possible solutions?



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          Adam Stephen



          Is this a new install or upgrade?  One thought is that when the configuration wizard ran it did not have elevated Admin privileges. 


          You can give the configuration wizard elevated privileges by finding it in Start -> Programs/SolarWindsOrion/ConfigurationAuto-Deiscovery/Configuration Wizard


          Right click on configuration wizard and click on run as administrator.  Simple I know but some times overlooked.  Hope this helps.  If not is windows event viewer showing anything?




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            Could you please open a case with solarwinds support? They will definitely help you.

            If you cannot contact support, please send me a the log file via PM.