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    Sum only some row of a table - universal device poller


      Hi all, is there a way (with the transform results maybe) to sum specific row of a table universal device poller?

      Let me try to explain:

      We have a Juniper netscreen for which I've been requested to add a lot of universal device pollers, many of those are full columns, such as nsVpnMonBytesIn (

      Along with this I've been requested tu sum up some of the row contained in those column, because we have more than one tunnel per vpn and we want to have the total traffic for each vpn.


      The only way to do so that I've found was to add other pollers, one for each row (i.e. poller1 = ; poller2 =  assign them to the node and then have the transform operates over those (i.e. total = poller1 + poller2) and so on.

      This is not really user friendly and I'm also polling the same thing twice since I already have the data inside the whole column udp.


      The entire column is needed because I have, on the node summary view, a single table formed using different columns of the nsVpnMonTable.


      I would like to do something like total = nsVpnMonBytesIn.1 + nsVpnMonBytesIn.2 but obviously the .row doesn't work with the poller name to address an exact row.


      Any help is apreciated.