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    Copy breaks VNC connection to Mac OS X 10.8


      Hi there,


      While connected yesterday to a machine running Mac OS X 10.8.2 from my box running Windows 7 Pro x64, I found the need to copy text to the clipboard. From Safari on the Mac, I would highlight a serial number in Adobe's online portal, right click it and hit copy, and my VNC session would immediatly freeze. I could still see everything, but I couldn't control the desktop at all until I disconnected and reconnected. Upon reconnecting I was able to paste the text into the Adobe installers just fine. I installed four Adobe products this way and the VNC session froze each time I copied the text.


      Any ideas?

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          I do believe I fixed this along with another issue I was having by installing RealVNC as the listener on the Mac as opposed to enabling Screen Sharing in the Sharing prefs.


          For reference, this also helped because I wanted a way to view the user's screen without consent or password. Screen Sharing from Apple dumps 3rd party VNC clients to a login screen, at which point if I want to view the user's screen I'd have to type in their password, which is not good. If using Apple's VNC viewer you have the option to connect to the console window but the user must give consent. RealVNC addresses both of those concerns.