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    Problems with NPM Display....

    Butch Snyder

      The other day, I noticed that when I logged onto a particular Orion user account I saw the following error.  The page will refresh fine but the error still exists.  Anyone have any ideas?


      FS_NPM Error.jpg

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          Looks like an issue pulling the SQL for the resource.  Is there anyway to click on the error message to get the full error?  If not, I would turn on hubble for the website.  This will allow you to see what the website is calling and should be able to show you the full error.  If you are on 10.3.1 or later, just go into Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > documentation and support > open the LogAdjuster and enabled hubble then reload the page.  Once it reloads you'll see a red box at the top.  Click on Details and you can sort for errors and see if you see the same error.



          Matthew Harvey

          Loop1 Systems