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    Created rule doesn't respond corectly

    nadir suliman

      Going straight to business..

      I've modified a Nato5/Rule Library rule (Non-Admin Server Logon - Non-Admin User Logs on to a Server, Log Them Off!), so that it tracks when Non-Admin user logs to any server that has Agent installed, sends an email to specified user.

      The problem is that I receive an email even when an user from Admin group logs in, which I don't want to. So I've played with the rule, and groups a bit, but I just can't get the rule to respond as intended. So, any help appreciated.
      Here's the screenshoot of a rule:


        • Re: Created rule doesn't respond corectly
          nicole pauls

          My guess is that the group "Admin Groups" should probably be a list of your admin users, instead of admin groups (we probably used it as a placeholder in the NATO5/Library rule).


          If you have LEM hooked up to Active Directory, you could use an AD group there that contained all of your admin users. Alternatively, you could go edit/create a User-Defined Group that had the list of admin users in it.


          You might also need to use DestinationAccount instead of SourceAccount.