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    How many transactions have you deployed in your WPM environment?


      My company has deployed 240 transactions running on 7 player servers.  4 of these servers are also NPM & SAM polling engines - 3 are dedicated player servers.  We have experienced stability issues (in general) trying to run WPM transactions on the polling engines.  We were never able to figure out a root-cause of the stability issue with SolarWinds support, but un-deploying the transactions from the polling engines has definitely helped.  I guess I am looking for feedback of other sizable installations of WPM to see how others have deployed WPM and what challenges they have encountered.  Thanks in advance for your time.



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          Peter Krutý

          Hi Joe,


          This behaviour really makes sense. SAM and NPM polling engines themselves can use quite a lot resources on the poller machine, the player installed on that machine can increase the load significantly (based on the transactions played). I can only assume that you have default setting for the additional players installed alongside the SAM and NPM pollers, if that is so the players are configured to use up to seven worker processes.



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            We haven't moved into PRD.   Currently I only have 30 tests deployed in development and have at least 100 more to add.   In PRD we will have at least 500 tests deployed (very low estimate).   In DEV, a 2 CPU Windows Server 2008 (vert) player seems to be able to support 50 heavy tests easily with most of these running at 3 minute polls which is reasonable based on what they are doing.



            Our primary issue right now is maintenance.   If I have one application that has 100 servers hosting it and we want to deploy the same test to all 100 servers, it's quite cumbersome to do.  If I then later have to update those tests due to some change, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this.  There really needs to be some sort of template functionality added for deploying duplicate tests to multiple nodes.   We can't tie up an employees time 100% just for test maintenance.

            Eventually we are going to start digging through the DB to see if we can build this ourselves but would much rather not have to do that.

            Currently the app doesn't seem to be geared toward large organizations and we hope that functionality will start getting added with that in mind.