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    Using Account Limitations


      I am currently working on doing some stuff with account limitations.


      The basic scenario is that we would like one group of users to be able to view everything but a couple of devices.


      I originally set up the limitation to be by device type, but unfortunately we now have devices that we want viewable in the same device type as ones we don't want viewable by the group.



      We have nodes x, y and z that are unknown because they can only do icmp.


      We don't want the above group of users to view nodes x & y, but they need to be able to view node z, in addition to all other nodes we monitor.


      I am trying to keep our Orion installation as vanilla as possible, so I'd rather not have to try to use custom properties.


      From what I'm seeing, the node limitation is set up to allow specific nodes instead of block specific nodes.


      Is there a way to do what I am wanting to do?


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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          Sohail Bhamani

          My suggestion would be a yes/no custom property as this is truly the easiest way to handle this in Orion.  I know you do not want to use them, but they are absolutely one of the most critical features in Orion and are so very far reaching into the app, I cant see how you are not using the heck out of them.  Once its created, then you can make the account limitation look for that property and only show the nodes which have it set (or not). 


          Sohail Bhamani

          Loop1 Systems


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            Or you can create a group of nodes via "Manage Groups" page and put in nodes which should be visible for users. Then create limitation (Single Group) based on this group.