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    Help needed in Node discovery

    Velmurugan P

      Hi All,

      Recently, we are using Solar winds tool & now in the procees of adding all our client location gateways into Soalr winds for NPM.

      Yesterday I faced an issue as below,

      I am discovering the devices by using the subnet range(Eg. / ) . In one location , solar winds discovering the devices with the IP Address as subnet i.e) the discovered device IP as . Even in many subnets it is discovering this kind of IP Address.

      After it discovered the deivce, the device status is automatically going down . Its still in down state only. But , this problem is existing in only one location.For the remaining locations, I am not facing this issue.

      Also we are sure that, there is no device with that IP Address in our infrastructure.

      Kindly provide your thoughts on this issue.