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    Hardware Health: Seperating Servers from Network Gear


      So I created a view of all my systems with hardware issues (see snippet):


      So for those of you playing along at home, how many of the 7 Critical systems are Servers?  Anyone?  Okay, how many of the Warning systems are Cisco devices?  No one?  Hmmm.  Same problem I am having.  Why is it that many of the graphs do not have an EDIT button where I can filter with an SQL filter?  Honestly, my server admins don't care about which switches have power supply problems, and the network geeks aren't interested in how many batteries in server RAID controllers are dead.  As it stands, no one here can use this graph.


      So feature request if it's not already on the books: Separate the graphs, or, add the EDIT button so that I can separate them via a SQL filter.  Thanks.  Minor issues aside, Everyone here Loves 10.4