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    Enable sFlow on HP Procurve 4208vl switch


      We are implementing Solarwinds NTA and I'm trying to get sFlow working on our HP Procurve 4208vl switch.



      I was able to enable sFlow by entering the following commands:



      setmib sFlowRcvrAddress.1 -o 0A00020C  (

      setmib sFlowRcvrOwner.1 -D sFlowowner sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 -i 100000000

      setmib sFlowRcvrPort.1 -i 2055



      After entering "walkmib ifName" to get the PVID mappings - I entered these command to configure port C2:



      setmib sFlowFsReceiver. -i 1

      setmib sFlowFsPacketSamplingRate. -i 512

      setmib sFlowFsMaximumHeaderSize. -i 128

      setmib sFlowCpReceiver. -i 1

      setmib sFlowCpInterval. -i 30



      After any of these commands, the following message is returned:



      sFlowFsReceiver. Unable to create.



      Can someone help me to get this working?



      Thanks in advance,






      Useful Information:

      Software revision  : L.10.23 

      ROM Version        : L.10.03



      OURSWITCH# walkmib

      sFlowVersion.0 = 1.3;HP;L.10.23

      sFlowAgentAddressType.0 = 1

      sFlowAgentAddress.0 = 0a 00  02 11

      sFlowRcvrOwner.1 = sFlowowner

      sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 = 99,946,298

      sFlowRcvrMaximumDatagramSize.1 = 1400

      sFlowRcvrAddressType.1 = 1

      sFlowRcvrAddress.1 = 0a 00  02 0c

      sFlowRcvrPort.1 = 2055

      sFlowRcvrDatagramVersion.1 = 5





      Websites I used for info:


      http://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/53070vl S