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    Support for Palo Altos


      Are there any plans to include support for Palo Alto appliances in a future release?

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          We have discussions about that, but no solid plan yet. (171941)

          As a matter of fact, in order to fuel those discussions, we are looking for examples of customer Palo Alto configs (we can deal with sanitized configs without real IP's for ex).

          If this is something you can help us with, please contact me (I will also ping you)

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            What is the current status of integration?  We've recently purchased 2 5060s and 5 PA-200s.  I have a long list of "recommended OIDs from the vendor, but how exactly do I integrate this information into Orion?

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                Andy McBride

                Hi stingcb,


                I am currently creating PA specific custom pollers. Can you share the list of recommended OIDs?


                I have posted a couple of pollers here and here.


                I'd really like to look over that list and see what else we should be polling.



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                    Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.


                    These are the items I have:


                    CPU utilization on management plane

                    Utilization of CPUs on dataplane that are used for system functions

                    Utilization of CPUs on dataplane that are used for packet processing

                    Management plane memory and dataplane packet buffer

                    Names of each interface on the device

                    Interface up/down status

                    Interface in counters

                    Interface in errors

                    Interface out counters

                    System uptime

                    GlobalProtect gateway utilization

                    % session utilization

                    Active ICMP Sessions

                    Active UDP Sessions

                    Active TCP Sessions

                    Total Active Sessions

                    VSYS active sessions

                    VSYS session % utilization


                    I'e got a bunch of others (HA and whatnot), the document I have is confidential/proprietary to Palo.  I'm sure if you ask your Palo rep they can give it to you.  If your rep doesn't have it give me his contact info and I can give it to him and let him forward it to you.


                    I still don't understand how to add these items in Solarwinds though so all these OIDs can be monitored.  Can someone tell me how to do that or is there documentation somewhere?



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                    This thread would be better positioned in NPM not in FSM, since it relates to monitoring of the device. FSM would be involved in managing the PA's configuration from a security audit and config cleanup perspective, but no link with SNMP OIDs.

                    We'll move it if OK with you, stingcb