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    Display Custom Poller Data


      I have Universal Device pollers (MIB) configured that report on Hardware Type, OS Version, and Temp that poll a specific type of device.  I would like to display a table that lists each poller value with the corresponding device.


      Something like:


      Device NameHardware TypeOS VersionTemp
      Device 1Model 16.489
      Device 2 Model 16.2287
      Device 3Model 26.2291


      Should this be accomplished with a Tabular Chart or with a report?  I would like the values be the latest.  Any recommend steps would be useful too.



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          I have very similar UDPs configured. I use them several different ways. One of the neat things I do with this type of data is: Establish the pollers and then create a simple SQL query, convert query to a SQL view. Next I create a SW report and import the report into a NPM portlet. I am not sure if this helps, but it is quick and easy and gives you the ability to trigger scheduled reports via report writer and allows other to hop into Orion and review the report anytime. The best part about this is that you can link your many sql servers and query data from them to report in Orion. Consolidating Key Performance Indicators into one customer view will save a lot of time.


          Here is an example of one many daily reports that is based on pollers which have been converted to portlets which have been consolidated into one custom view. Again, it depends on how your going to use the data. Hope this gives you some ideas.


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              I was able to get this table by using the Report (Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, etc.).  Does anyone know of a SQL Query that can make the MIB Custom Poller fields become columns?  I would like the columns to be Node Name, Temp, OS, and Hardware Type.


              Node1                  IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature        +27.20 C

              Node2                 IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature        +27.00 C

              Node3                  IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature        +26.50 C

              node4                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature        +27.00 C

              node5                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature        +27.80 C

              node1                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node2                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node3                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node4                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node5                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node6                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion                   6.5.2

              node1                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-1050-A

              node2                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-550-A

              node3                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-550-A

              node4                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-550-A

              node5                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-1050-A

              node6                   IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType              IB-1410


              The SQL query I used was (Report Writer - generated):



              Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.MIB AS MIB, CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.Status AS Status


              ((Nodes INNER JOIN CustomPollerAssignment CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment ON (Nodes.NodeID = CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.NodeID))  INNER JOIN CustomPollers CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers ON (CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerID = CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.CustomPollerID))  INNER JOIN CustomPollerStatus CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus ON (CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID)



                (CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.MIB = 'IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibNiosVersion') OR

                (CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.MIB = 'IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibHardwareType') OR

                (CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.MIB = 'IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB:ibCPUTemperature')




              (CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.InterfaceID = 0)


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                  Try this.


                  Do you have a drawing of your end goal, this might help us visualize what you are wanting. Plus this allows for simplified queries?

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                      Like the table at the top of thread.  The issue is that Temp, NiosVersion, and HardwareType are from custom pollers in the same column from the CustomPollerStatus table.


                      Something like this:


                      Node Name      Temp    NiosVersion      HardwareType

                      Node1           +27.20      6.5.2                IB-1050-A

                      Node2           +27           6.5.2                IB-550-A

                      Node3           +26.50      6.5.2                IB-550-A

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                          I think I understand now. Give me a few minutes.

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                            Can you send me the results for a select * query? I would like to see what columns are available and what data resides in each column.


                            1 row with actual column headers would work.

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                                The TEMP, HARDWARE TYPE, and OS Version is from the Status of Custom Pollers (MIBs).  They are stored in the Status Column of the CustomPollerStatus Table.


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                                    Hi there,

                                    i am trying to accomplish the same formatting. have you able to get the rows to columns?


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