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    IPAM 3.1 - Scans not running


      I discovered today that IPAM is not conducting any of its scans (Subnet, DNS Zones, etc.). When I took a look at the "IPAM Settings > Scan Job Status", all of the jobs reflected the following: Status "Next Scan: ASAP", Last Discovery "12/11/2012".


      I verified in the Running Service Manager that all services are running.


      I verified in License Manager that the Orion IP Address Manager was licensed.


      I verified that the server running IPAM could communicate (ICMP) with the network.


      I verified that there were no reported IPAM erros in the SolarWinds.Net Event Log under the Windows Applications and Services Logs. Are there any other IPAM specific logs I should check?


      I deleted all DHCP & DNS Servers to isolate it to only the Subnet scanning.


      The Server Polling Engine is active with a completion of 100%. At the bottom, I noticed IPAM.Dns.Polling and IPAM.Dhcp.Polling are both set to 0 (probably because I deleted the servers above.)


      SNMP is working and tested satisfactory with other modules of Solarwinds.


      Any suggestions or thoughts on how to progress with the trouble-shooting/resolution would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance!


      Edit: I also scanned THWACK and found 2 other lack of scanning entries but neither seemed related to this situation.