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    Scheduler not sending emails after Task complete


      I have setup FTP Voyager with the SMTP settings for gmail to send an email after FTP Scheduler completes a task. I have added the event, send email after task complete, however I do not receive an email.


      Any help would be appreciated




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          Hi Nick,


               Have you created an email account for FTP Voyager to send emails from or have an email account fro FTP Voyager to use? For example, I created the email account FTP@companydomain.com. Without an assigned email address to use, FTP Voyager is not able to send any emails (i.e. there isn't an email account built into FTP Voyager).


               Once you know what email account you will be using, you can enter that info into the Email Settings section of Scheduler Options, which is located in the Tools tab. If you are still running into issues, then there is something wrong with your scheduler.





          - Zach

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            Thomas Parikka

            Hi Nick,


            This is specifically a problem between FTP Voyager Scheduler and SMTP servers that require SSL-secured connections (such as those of GMail). This bug has been reported to our product team. In the meantime, as a mitigating step you could install an SMTP server on your network and use it to send out notifications from FTP Voyager Scheduler.




            Thomas Parikka