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    LEM on Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V


      Hello Everyone,


      I am just starting to work with LEM and I am experiencing problems with trying to get an IP address associated with it in Hyper-V.


      I have setup the LEM instance to use the same interface that the server is using for communication to the network, with this option choosen I boot up LEM and it goes through its 'power on' phase and then it comes to a blue screen indicating there is no IP address assisnged.  I even tried using another interface on the server just in case but same problem.


      The only noticable item I can see right now is that when LEM powers up it looks as if it is doing some sort of DHCP discovery and I am wondering if perhaps my problem may be linked to this?


      So if this is my problem, I can state that we do not use DHCP in our environment and can anyone tell me how to configure LEM to use a static IP address?