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    Storage Management - Can I get an SOP for that?


      With the seemingly explosive growth in all varieties of network storage over the past few years, many organizations that may not have considered using SANs or NAS boxes are seeing pricing for this type of storage adjust because there are more players.  This does not mean that storage is cheap, but that there is more competition in the space and more opportunity for new entrants to find a better bang for their limited buck.


      If storage goes more toward the enterprise for small business (or bigger enterprise for big business) does the organization suffer if they do not implement a standard operating procedure for the “new black box in the data center”? Sure the concepts are similar regardless of the storage chosen, a LUN is still a LUN, but would a company be better off creating supported documentation to aid in the operation of and maintenance of the storage?


      Because storage, especially enterprise storage, can be a bit of an enigma, one that doesn’t need a ton of babysitting, but at the same time runs a majority of the data center, I would think that training for the IT staff or the storage folks on that staff to help them get involved in building an SOP for storage would be a huge step forward.  It would also help any newcomers learn about the storage technology being used.  Maybe they do not support it directly, but having an understanding of what a LUN is and which File Systems are mission critical might be a good beginning.


      What do you think?  Would a set of standard operating procedures for the storage in an organization be something that would benefit a company?  Does your organization, or even your team have this in place today?


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