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    how to auto daily report??

    nazri shukri

      how to auto daily report??

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          I'm going to work on the assumption that you want a report being emailed to you on a daily basis - your query is a little vague!


          Assuming you have already written the report (or you are using an existing built-in report) you first needt to open the report in your SolarWinds web interface and copy the URL from the address bar.


          You then need to go to your SolarWinds server's desktop and go to Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Alerting, Reporting, and Mapping and click on Orion Report Scheduler. From within the Orion Report Scheduler you can create a new scheduled report task. Help on using the Orion Report Scheduler is available from the Help menu within the application.


          Give it a try and let us know how you get on

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