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    Problem with a Domain Acct logging into Servers


      I have just started at a company that has IPMonitor set up on their network.  They had been using it for some time perfectly.  They pulled the IPMonitor server off of the domain and since then a good bunch of the monitors have not worked.  I was given the task to make the system usable again.  At first I thought it was an issue with the domain admin user name not having the domain specified.  I had the network engineer here double check for me.  He said it was there, and even created a second account as domain admin with the right credentials.  I still am not able to get the monitors to work.  The strange thing is, when I use those credentials it says "Unknown username or  bad password" BUT when I use my personal credentials, it tells me my access rights are insufficient.  So I know it's hitting the server.  I just can't figure out why it wouldn't accept these credentials.  Has anyone heard of anything like this?  It is IPMonitor 10.6

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          Check out this article:



          How to monitor resources residing outside the ipMonitor host’s domain.

          ipMonitor can monitor resources located on standalone servers and hosts residing on a separate un-trusted domain, or within a workgroup. To accomplish this, perform one of the following:

          • Create a Local Windows Account on the ipMonitor system and the target system with the same username and same password.  Upon creating the local account on the target system, ensure that it is added to the local Administrators group of that system.
          • Create a Credential within ipMonitor which references the Local User Account on the ipMonitor system.

          If you are using ipMonitor 10:If you are using ipMonitor 10, you can use the method above or you can use NTLM authentication.  Here's how to tell ipMonitor to use the latter:

          • Create a Credential within ipMonitor which references the User Account on the remote system (Remote_Sys\user) or the User Account on the other domain (Other_Domain\user).  Make sure this user account is a member of the Administrators group.
          • Within the Credential, check the box under "Usage Restrictions" for "May be used with NTLM Authentication Schemes (Windows NT LAN Manager)".  Make sure you do not check all boxes as this will make the Credential unusable.