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    SNMP / Syslog Trap Forwarding




      Looking at setting up a NPM system in the next couple of weeks and just doing some planning.


      From looking at the NPM Admin guide - it looks like I can do syslog forwarding okay, however I just wanted to confirm that SNMP Trap forwarding can be done on a OID basis - is this supported in the "trap details" field support?


      If i've missed it in the doco, appologies.





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          Here's what you can set in the trap details.




          Or alternatively you can use the Conditions tab to narrow it down.



          And in Alert Actions you can 'Forward the Trap'


          Another thing you can do to help you fill in all the fields, is to right click on the Trap Details part of the trap alert on the Current Traps screen and select Add Rule. It then prefills in all the information for that trap so you can set an Alert Action to it.