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    Router is not really down


      Hello everyone,


      maybe someone could help me. In our Testnetwork there exists one Router which simulates the connection between two buildings. We are running backups every night over this router so we simulate the backupway between two buildings.


      Now the problem. The Backup starts and about 30 minutes later Solarwinds says that this router ist in Down-state. About 5 minutes later its back in Up-state. Solarwinds reports that about 4 times over 4 hours. The Backup did NOT fail and did not notice that the network was lost for several minutes. Also the logs on the router are good and have no message.


      Maybe it is no Solarwinds problem but i did not know where to look for because the hardware logs are OK




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          What is the bandwidth of the link? If the backup data is saturating the connection, perhaps ICMP and polling are not successful because of this saturation. When Solarwinds reports that the router is down, can you ping the router successfully and consistently from your workstation? Is there QOS on this link to prioritize the backup traffic? With more info, we can likely find the reason for the report of a down status.