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    What we are working on post NPM 10.4


      As always, since NPM 10.4 has been released recently we are already working on the next release of NPM. Here is a preview:


      1. New web based reporting including native support for charts in reports.
      2. Support for routing information including alerting for major routing protocols (RIP v2, OSPF v2,v3, BGP).
      3. UI improvements for interface discovery filtering (possibility to select interfaces based on pattern).
      4. Multicast traffic information monitoring and alerting
      5. Performance enhancements (specifically focused on the database)
      6. Interface auditing/logging
      7. Spanning tree & VLAN information


      We had planned to spend some significant time in this enhancing database performance but unfortunately the other items will take our full time. It is certainly something that is still a high priority for us.


      PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel.   If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!