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    Scheduled Reboot


      Is there an easy way to leverage Patch Manager to just schedule a server reboot? Nothing more... just a scheduled reboot.

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          David Di Blasio

          Sure is. Here's some steps that detail out how to set this type of task up.


          To shutdown or reboot a managed computer:


          1. In the tree view in the left pane of the application, expand the Microsoft Windows Network level.


          2. Select a workgroup or domain from the tree view.


          The managed computers within the selected workgroup or domain display in the center pane.


          Note: This feature is also available from other views throughout the SolarWinds Patch Manager console, such as the Managed Computers view under the Patch Manager System Configuration level in the tree view on the left pane.


          3. Select a managed computer from the center pane.


          4. In the Actions pane, click Shutdown or Reboot.


          The system displays the Shutdown Options window.


          5. Select the option that indicates the reason for shutting down the managed computer from the Option field.


          6. In the Settings group box, do one of the following:


          To shutdown the managed computer right away, select the No Grace Period Before Shutdown option.


          To delay shutting down the managed computer, select the Grace Period option and enter the number of minutes to delay the process in the field below the option.


          7. If you want the system to close open applications on the managed computer prior to shutting it down, select the Force Applications to Close check box.


          8. If you want the system to reboot the managed computer following shutdown, select the Reboot After Shutdown check box.


          9. Enter the message that you want to display to the user of the managed computer regarding the remote shutdown and rebooting processes taking place on the machine.


          10. Click Shutdown.


          11. If applicable, complete the Computer Selection section of the Task Options Wizard.


          12. Click Next.


          13. Complete the Scheduling and Notification Options section of the Task Options Wizard.


          14. Click Next.


          15. On the Summary screen, click Finish.



          The managed computer(s) will be rebooted or shut down according to the options selected in the Shutdown Options window and the scheduling options. If requested, the task results will be exported and emailed to the selected recipients.

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              This is why I need to test before posting. LMAO


              I was afraid to press "Shutdown" for fear, it would happen immediately, (and did not test on a server that could be shut down immediately) not take me to the scheduled task options like it does... thanks for pointing a fool in the obvious direction.