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    UnDP - Trying to monitor Cisco CIMC on UCS C200 M2 hardware




      I have search all over the forums and the interwebs but I can't find other people that have the same issue.  The issue is that I can't get the SNMP info from the CIMC into NPM formatted correctly.  The OID's are in the database so are the MIBS's.  Support has told me that even though they are there they may not be supported.  I don't understand how a popular hardware device is so hard to add into NPM.  The MIB is CISCO-UNIFIED-COMPUTING-EQUIPMENT-MIB and it comes up in the UnDP.  I am trying to monitor the disk controller, disks, memory and fans.  The status shows up like this sys/rack-unit-1/board/storage-SAS-7 but not the actual values.  Has anybody worked on this before?