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    Problem downloading a file- No content -  0KB




      I am able to upload files to a remote destimation but there is

      a problem downloading.

      For example, when I donwload a csv, it downloads the

      file name and extension of .csv but the contents is blank and is 0KB in


      Do you know what would be causing this please?


      Best regards


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          Thomas Parikka



          We have corrected a number of issues in, the current release. I strongly recommend updating to the latest release, which you can download from www.FTPVoyager.com/download. Once you have updated, if the issue persists, I have a few questions:


          1) What protocol are you connecting with? FTP, FTPS, or SFTP?

          2) What is the average size of CSV file you are downloading?

          3) Which file server is running on the remote side, and on which platform?

          4) Can you provide a log of your connection by logging on, attempting the download, and copying the log from the "Log Pane" to a file and attaching it to your reply?


          Look forward to your reply!


          Thomas Parikka

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              I am experiencing the exact same issue.  I have additional diagnostic information.


              • Version, downloaded 2 days ago
              • If I sync from the Voyager UI, it works.  If I sync from Scheduled Sync, it fails with the same symptoms (0kb files)


              I have enabled logging, and here is what I found

              • Scheduled Sync submits a RETR command, which is failing with code "550: no such file or directory"
              • Scheduled Sync and the Voyager UI each submit a slightly different RETR command
              • Voyager UI:  RETR /Outbound/myd121222_0720.txt   (note the "/" in front of the folder name)
              • Scheduled Sync:  RETR Outbound/myd121222_0720.txt  (note that there is no "/" in front of the path)


              I have log files available, but will not submit them to a public forum.


              I was referred to this forum by Rhinosoft, with whom I have a Serv-U Gold license.  I am evaluating FTP Voyager to add to our tool chest.


              I am really nervous that the only support for FTP Voyager is via a public forum, and there doesn't appear to be any official support channel other than this.  If we integrate FTP Voyager scheduled sync into our mission critical operations, I need to know that there is a phone number I can call if there is a problem and get a quick resolution.  The lack of such support may well be a dealbreaker.  I don't mind paying for maintenance, but I need something better than this.

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                  Thomas Parikka



                  What is the remote path set to in your Synchronize task? Scheduler requires full paths to be used. For example:


                  Good Remote Paths

                  Remote File or Folder: /

                  Remote File or Folder: /ciscocm/recordings


                  Bad Remote Paths

                  Remote File or Folder: (nothing, empty)

                  Remote File or Folder: ciscocm/recordings


                  The path must begin with a "/" and must be absolute paths, not relative paths. Using a relative path or not starting the path with a "/" could produce the RETR result you see.


                  Thomas Parikka

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