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    How do you send a list of the files uploaded or downloaded


      I have setup FTP Voyager to upload and download files from serval sources successfully but wish to email particular business owners a list of the files uploaded or downloaded via the event management send an email notification


      Is this possible


      An alternative may be to email the log file generated once the job has completed successfully is this possible?


      Kind Regards

      Keith Taylor

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          Thomas Parikka

          Hi everyone!


          FTP Voyager Scheduler supports Events such as emails that can be sent to individuals when certain triggers occur, such as a file upload or download. To set this up:


          1) Go to "Tools | Scheduler Options | Email Settings" and configure the settings for your email server

          2) Open FTP Voyager Scheduler, and edit the Task for which you want notifications to be sent

          3) Open the Events tab, click "Add"

          4) Name the task and give it a functional description

          5) Set the "Event Type" to "File Uploaded" or "File Downloaded"


          Now here we have a couple of options. FTP Voyager does not support a "summary" or "report" of all files uploaded or downloaded, so we can either email for each file like this:


          6a) Set the Event Action to "Send Email", setting the fields to:

          To: (Your Vendor)

          Subject: $RemoteFileName Uploaded At $Date $Time




          The file $RemotePathName was uploaded to your server successfully at $Date $Time. The last successful execution of this upload was at $LastSuccess:


          Thank you,


          Network Support


          6b) Write a summary to a file by setting the "Event Action" to Execute Command and set it up as follows, then using a different solution send the log file to the customer:


          Event Execution Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

          Command Line Parameters: /C ECHO "$Date-$Time-$TaskName-$RemotePathName" >> C:\LogFile.txt


          Obviously the text in both the email and command output can be customized. For a full list of supported variables check the help files for FTP Voyager Scheduler and look under "Additional Reference | System Variables".


          Hope this helps!


          Thomas Parikka