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    How to add nodes?




      I already installed the Agents on some of my Windows severs successfully via SolarWinds-LEM-v5.3.1-WindowsRemoteAgentInstaller. Then I wanted to add these nodes. I checked the LEM user guide, but I didn't find Node Health widget in the OPS Center dashboard, and I also didn't find it in Widget Manager. I also didn't find any places to add nodes in Manage - Nodes. How can I add nodes so that I can monitor the logs and events of my servers with my LEM? My LEM version is SolarWinds-LEM-v5.4-Evaluation-HyperV.



      Jun Gao


      Add Nodes

      Devices need to be added to LEM for them to be monitored. There are different types of devices that

      can be used

      To add a syslog node device:

      1. From the Op Center dashboard, click the Add Node button in the Node Health widget.

      2. Select Syslog node.

      3. Enter the IP Address of the node.

      4. Select the Node Vendor from the list.

      5. Configure the node so LEM can receive syslog messages. If you need help, click the

      links provided for enabling specific vendor devices.

      6. Select the I have configured this node so that LEM can receive its Syslog

      messages check box.

      7. Click Next and LEM then scans for new devices.

      090 Solarwinds LEM.PNG

      091 Solarwinds LEM.PNG

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          nicole pauls

          To install nodes for servers, install the LEM agent and connect it to your LEM appliance. You can configure and manage the nodes from Manage > Nodes (including configuring different product integration connectors). Once they connect, they should appear in Manage > Nodes automatically, and Windows systems by default will be monitoring the 3 default core Event Logs (Application, System, Security).


          The instructions you're referring to are for version 5.5, which is why they don't match. The newer version has a simplified flow that tries to walk you through the steps.