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    More Updates in the Customer Portal

    Matthew Crawford

      The customer portal login page has been redesigned and the left hand navigation removed as our ongoing Customer Portal redesign continues.


      If you have not read the initial post related to the changes coming to the SolarWinds Customer Portal, please check that out here before you dive into this latest post.

      There are yet more changes coming to the customer portal tomorrow (10 Jan 2012) and even more in the weeks following.


      To make the changes easier for you to consume, we are laying them out for you here first.

      When you navigate to customerportal.solarwinds.com starting 10 Jan 2012, you will see a redesigned login page with better, more up to date information.


      Common questions are outlined specifically on the login page that customers often have when coming to the portal.

      There is a Special Offers for Customers box as well that will alert you to special deals available only to customers, so check there often to see what is available.

      The page has also been redesigned to give a much cleaner look and feel and to prepare the are for continued updates and better content delivery.


      NEW PAGE:


      customer portal new login page.png



      customer portal login page old.png

      Once you login, you will immediately notice that the familiar left hand navigation is gone. This is to make room for a redesign of the logged in home page and the license management page over the next couple of months to give you a better view of all the information that is relevant to you.


      All of the items that you are familiar with are still available via the top level menu navigation. Hover over the menus to display the dropdowns with all of the pages in the customer portal.




      customer portal logged in page new.png




      customer portal logged in page old.png

      These are the primary face lift items in this release. In the next customer portal releases, we will be continuing the redesign efforts and bringing additional features to the Customer Portal to continue to improve the customer experience. A couple of the more noticeable features will be the updating of the design on the logged in page to better utilize the additional page real estate and the redesign of the license management page to make the information you are looking for more readily available.