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    Alerting Dashboard by VMWare Folder


      caAnyone know of a quick and easy way to segment the alerts by VMWare folder, and then allow the user to drill into them that way?   We have one cluster that has administrative duties assigned by folder, and it would be slick to build a "by folder" dashboard to allow admins one place to go to get what they need for their specific area.


      The Showback dashboard is wonderful and provide what the Managers of those departments need, but from an administrative standpoint, it doesn't show them problems as they occur.

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          Hi, you can filter VMs by folder. There are attributes vm.folder.name, vm.folder.level-1, vm.folder.level-2,.... up to level 10. Use advance search to find them.

          Each admin can create his own dashboard and show just VMs he is interested in. For segmentation of alerts I propose to create a copy of needed alert and use folder atributes in the search to filter required subset. Admins can use tags to filter their content (alerts, trends, ...).