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    How to use IP Address search.


      Hi All,


      Maybe I'm missing something obvious here but I see a few issues when I search for an IP address or a host name. If I search for it returns "no IP address found" even though this address is valid and in the database. If I search for host name D01987 it fails but *D01987* works and *d01987* fails. So when searching host names it's case sensitive right and you must use the complete host name? Can anyone show me a document or paper on how to do a search for a IP address or host name? What wildcards can be used and is there examples? The very short help page doesn't really help that much.



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          Hi markegan2008,


          I'm not sure which version of IPAM do you use, but we do an improvement of search performance in latest IPAM 3.1.

          Unlikely the "no IP address found" message you see is most likely connected with timeout of search query. If you can try uncheck all
          other search options except IP address option itself and do a search it will be quick enough to give you result also in older versions of IPAM.


          The wildcards are applied automatically. Once you search for 'D019' it's handled as if you do search for '*D019*' and in default case insensitive.

          This can be of course altered by settings in MSSQL server.


          In case you have no custom modifications of settings in MSSQL and so ... please feel free to open support case.


          Ondrej Hruska,

          IPAM Dev Team