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    split scope names


      The tools team here is not responsible for DHCP but is using IPAM to monitor IP address space.  We were asked to add DHCP servers where there are many split scopes, in some cases the same range, defined on 2 servers for redundancy and not necessarily wit the same scope name.  In addition many of these subnets were manually added to IPAM prior to DHCP servers being added.   So i have several questions


      1) How to show one entry for a /24 defined on 2 servers, do the scope names need to be the same?

      2) What is best way to merge manually added entries and discovered entries?

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          here are answers on your questions:

          1) we are not showing 1 entry for two scopes. But you can use popup windows on scope in order to see split-scope relative. The names could be the same but you can still see two scopes, each on different server. If you switch to the DHCP scope view and sort by server you should be able to easily find what you are looking for. If not, why do you need to see one entry for two scopes (if we are not talking about subnet because subnet will remain just one)?


          2)if you mean subnets, then you can use left handed window in IP Address management view where you can create supernet and use drag&drop to move all related subnets under one parent, or you can easily delete redundant stuff from there.