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    NPM 10.4 New Interface Graphs Not Updating


      Just a heads up... Upgraded to NPM 10.4 this weekend and while they were OK initially the historical interface graphs stopped updating after awhile.   Polling was OK as I could get current stats via Report Writer and one of the graphs on the  Interface Details Page used the old style chart and that graph was up to date.  Did an edit on each of the problem charts and changed the Default Zoom Range from 2 hours to 1 hour and all was well.  Have gone back in and set them back to 2 hours and again as of now all is well.

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          Hello Ralphr,


          The issue you have faced is caused during upgrade process when "old" charts with Time Period have set to 2 hours. They are incorrectly transformed to "new" interactive charts with Time Period set to custom range where Begin Date is defined by time of ran of Configuration Wizard.


          This issue is already fixed in NPM 10.4 service release, please check your customer portal.


          You can also resolve this issue by defining Time Period for Chart back to 2 hours instead of custom range. Use Export button in right corner of affected chart. Last2Hours.png