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    NPM Reports Not Sending Consistently


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm going to preface this question with the fact that I don't really use NPM but basically seem to be responsible for managing the servers that it currently resides on and have somehow inherited any issues with the software in the process. I am currently fighting with an issue with a report that is not emailing consistently. I have added myself to the reports to validate the consistency and out of 11 days I did not receive it on two of those days. I checked the properties on the report and it's set to send daily.


      On the days I did not receive the report, I received other reports. Which leads me to believe the issue revolves around the one report.


      Any thoughts on things I could try/check?



      The users of the software have become rather ornery about this so I would like to resolve it quickly so they can get on with pestering other people instead