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    Hardware Health resource has hard-coded View ID


      Upgraded to 10.4 and I love the new Hardware Health resource.  I think I've found a problem with how it works, though.  I have put the "Hardware Health Overview" resource on my home page and it shows the summary of all the nodes that Hardware Health is monitoring.  If I click on any of the groups, such as 'Warning', then drill down to a specific node on the "Nodes with Hardware Status: Warning" page, it takes me to the node but has a View ID hard-coded into the resource, so my custom node views don't show up.  Basically, I am currently doing 'Views By Device Type' on several types of nodes and it's being ignored when drilling down using this resource.  Is this a 'feature' or perhaps a small scripting bug?

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          what do you describe is actually "by design". We are looking for "Networking" subview automatically because we assume this is a right place for your HW health related information. It's searched by name so there is no chance to pass this information into scripts, etc. But you my try to extend this page by resources you need.


          We may open a feature request for this. Could you please once more summarize why you would need to change this behavior and what problem are you trying to solve by that?


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