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    Given the availability of cloud options for personal storage, how much storage do you carry?


      There are options everywhere to put your data in the cloud, from Amazon S3 to Dropbox to SkyDrive (among others) and many of these services offer some amount of space at no cost.  Coupled with new user specials or “if you have this device” deals, which offer more free space, there is no shortage of online capacity to park information.  Not only does this allow you to access your 2013 Christmas list or idea list from anywhere there is Internet, but the information is replicated to the moon and back to ensure responsive availability.


      My question to you is a two part question, first, which if any online storage providers do you use for your personal needs?  And second, and most important, do you still carry or maintain a certain amount of storage locally, be it in flash drives, external hard disks, NAS solutions or any other form that is not cloud based?


      I tend to do both... I have a myriad of portable hard disks (each with a certain purpose in mind) and flash drives for portability, a small storage array at home to ensure the Adobe LightRoom photo galleries and documents are stored off of my computer, and a few cloud accounts just in case something needs to be available when I am on someone else’s computer.


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