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    How to set topology data polling interval ?


      Dear Sir or Madam -

      In SAM version 5.2, a node property was introduced called  "Poll for Topology Data Every [  ] minutes"  (on the GUI).


      I assume this property is only used if there is an associated poller for Layer 3 topology, correct ?


      When adding a node via the SWIS interface from Powershell, how do we set the value of this property ?


      I used SWQL and SQL Server Management Studio to look for the property in the Orion.Nodes, but I cannot find it.


      Thank you.


      James Troy

        • Re: How to set topology data polling interval ?

          This setting applies to both L2 and L3 topology pollers. It is stored on per node basis in NodeSettings table. Setting name is "Core.TopologyPollInterval". You just need to create a new row with matching NodeID, SettingName and Value (in minutes).


          There is also a Orion-wide setting available in Settings table with SettingID "SWNetPerfMon-Settings-Default Node Topology Poll Interval". It might be also edited in GUI on Polling Setting page and it applies to all nodes, which have no custom "Core.TopologyPollInterval" specified in NodeSettings table.