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    Emerson/Liebert UnDP for CRV Unit


      We've installed some Liebert CRVs and I'm trying to create some UnDPs for them but I'm getting "0" data returned on some pollers or "OID is not supported" on others in the same location.


      Does anyone have any experience with polling these units?


      I'm looking specifically in the "" area but I don't see any of the familiar icons for the pollers as previous one's I've created.

      Is this possibly an older MIB that just needs to be updated? Liebert reports the latest MIB update was "10/01/10" so I feel like that is already in - but maybe not.


      I've checked out this thread and aLTeReGo's Template for CRACs but only the 1st and 8th pollers return data (I'm not sure what MIBs its using, I was just trying it)