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    CPU Utilization polling - Gauges differ from other polling info


      Got a strange issue I see every once in awhile, and thus far I haven't been able to tell if it's just different refresh times, page loads, or some other issue.

      Here's our scenario:


      A node bubbles up to the Top XX CPU utilization list - it's a VM with 100% CPU utilization.

      I'll navigate to the node view and will see the gauge showing that there is 100% utilization.

      On the same page, however, I'm also showing all 4 vCPUs delivered to this VM - and while there is strong usage on one or two of the vCPUs, the remainder are quiet.

      See attached images.

      Has anyone else seen similar symptoms on VMs or physical servers monitored by NPM?

      My feeling is that it's just different statistics being rolled up at slightly different times, or something similar.





      Lines....not so pinned.







      Thanks for any info!